Supanova II / General Boat Hire

Supanova II, Boat Hire Weymouth

Supanova II - General Boat Hire

Although Supanova's primary use is angling she is also available for other charters. Supanova can be adapted for use for Survey, personnel transfer, guard boat, film making, bird watching, water sampling and trials work. Supanova offers a large deck area that can be cleared in a matter of minutes to offer an open area of 5m x 4m, ideal for storage of lots of equipment or luggage.

Local engineers are always on hand to adapt the vessel to the customers specification should the need arise. She also has a full 240AC system powered by large inverters for easy use of electrical equipment. Supanova II as a vessel is very stable catamaran that can offer comfortable facilities for all people involved and has a large dash area that can be easily adapted to take screens etc, with a service speed of 18knts with a maximum fuel burn of 2.5 litres per mile she is one of the most economical vessels to run for her size anywhere in the country.

The coastal waters of Weymouth and Portland offer some fantastic opportunities for bird watching and other wildlife spotting. Within half an hour of harbour you can witness Gannets feeding and in late summer frequent viewing's of Manx and the rare Balearic shearwaters. In under the land you can view the vast amount of guillemot nests and to the west of Portland stand a chance of a glimpse of the beautiful peregrine falcons that nest every year.

If you would like any more details on the vessel or things we can offer please feel free to get in touch by any means.

Work Boat & Guard Boat Duties

Lyle has been involved in Cargo work also, stores runs and garbage disposal for merchant vessels. Hull cleans with commercial divers. Other work includes Guard boat duties for the London 2012 olympic sailing events.

Survey Duties

As a skipper Lyle was involved in a large Survey around the whole of the Isle of Wight and Christchurch Bay area, so he's used to the work and expectations such a job involves.

Scattering Ashes

Supanova II offers a comfortable deck, has good facilities including hot drinks and toilet facilities.

Personal Transfer

Supanova II and Skipper Lyle are also frequently involved in skipper work for Liberty Boat transfers both underway and stationary.

Filming & Photography

Supanova and Lyle have experience in providing a platform for marine photography and also film making with MCA. Bird watches and professional photographers can gain an unrivaled advantage point in a vast number of situations.


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